Do you sell direct to the Australian Public?
Do you have Trade Approved Scales?

By Australian Law, Scales that are used to sell direct to customers by weight are required to be verified. The National Measurement Institute (NMI) approves certain scales to be Trade Approved, only when it is in compliance with their regulations. At Electronic Business Equipment we can take care of all your Scale Verification and Calibration needs!

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When using scales to sell goods, you must ensure it is:

  • An approved type of scale, suitable for its purpose
  • Verified BEFORE use by a licenced technician or inspector
  • The scale is level and is indicating zero before use
  • Positioned so that the customer can easily see the measurement process (unless you provide a written statement of the measurement)
  • Re-Verified after each adjustment or repair of the scale

How often am I required to Calibrate and Verify my Scale?

There is no law to define the time limit to verify or calibrate although the scales usage, the environment it is used in and the accuracy are all major factors when considering calibration. Calibrating scales often will ensure accuracy. We recommend calibrating your scales every 12 months to ensure accuracy. Scales can be calibrated yearly or monthly while others have daily spot checks.

What are the benefits of calibrating my scale?

  • To ensure you are generating a profit from sales, rather than a loss
  • To ensure accuracy for Trade Measurement Verified Scales
  • To enable customers and businesses to have confidence in the results that they monitor record and subsequently control

Are my Scales Trade Approved?

Approved scales are marked with a National Standards Commission (NSC) or National Measurement Institute (NMI) approval number on the plate of the scale. Eg. NSC No. 6/4D/235 , NMI 6/4C/252.  The Inspector who has verified your scale will place a sticker with the details of verification next to the plate. 

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Does Trade Measurement Apply To Me?

Businesses that sell goods by measurement, or that manufacture, pack, import or sell pre-packaged goods, are required to comply with the Australian trade measurement laws. You must comply with these laws if your Business:

  • sell goods by measurement (such as weighing fruit and vegies for sale)
  • manufacture, pack, import or sell pre-packaged goods; or
  • supply or maintain measuring instruments.

We can supply NATA certificates for all types of weighing equipment and test masses.


How Does Trade Measurement Affect My Business?