Electronic Business Equipment has the knowledge of a large range of Point of Sale systems and cash registers. You can be sure you receive the right advice and the right equipment for your business. By analysing your requirements we may recommend a basic six department cash register or a integrated touch POS system. We have the equipment you need at prices you can afford. We can also provide finance options if needed. Call into our office today to view the latest cash registers available or phone our office on 07 5443 2744 to talk with our technicians about the requirements of your business. We guarantee we can find a solution with great features, functionality and preferences you desire.

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Swiftpos Point of Sale Suite

  • IPAD, IPOD, IPHONE Compatible
  • Kitchen Monitors with bump or Touch Screen.
  • Integrated Customer advertising screens.
  • Cross Selling prompts
  • Up-selling prompts
  • Product Count Down – Show on Menu Board.
  • Cash Declarations.
  • Voucher Printing based on sales value of selected product families
  • Unlimited keypad levels
  • Integrated EFTPOS with all major banks in Aust/NZ.
  • Training mode.
  • Up to 4 cash drawers per POS with individual cash balancing.
  • Fast payment methods for $10/$20/$50 tendered amounts.
  • Fast product searching by description, bar code or PLU.
  • Discounts by $ or % maintaining a minimum margin.
  • Hold and Recall.
  • Loyalty and Promotions.
  • Vouchers Printing automatically.

    Integrated EFTPOS

  • Reprint previous sales.
  • Up to 10 price levels per PLU.
  • Unlimited bar codes per product.
  • Links to scales and sell pre-packed items by weight.
  • Advertising Screens fully Supported.
  • POS can run locally or over the Internet.
  • Swiftpos Touch Terminal
  • Table Reservations.
  • Split Bills, Table Transfers.
  • Accounts with purchasing restrictions
  • Bar Tabs with controls and purchasing restrictions
  • Wastage Entry, control and Reporting.
  • Reason Codes.
  • Discount Rules.
  • Run debit/credit accounts with credit limits at POS over many venues.
  • Wristbands for Staff
  • Staff Security
  • Staff Clock In and Out with Breaks
  • SwiftPOS Free Standing Kiosk Option with EFTPOS.
  • Front Office (PMS) Interfaces
  • Gaming Machine Interfaces.

Loyalty and Promotional Campaigns

Swiftpos Vouchers

Swiftpos Vouchers

  • Membership Fees.
  • Customer Edit at POS
  • Customer last purchase
  • Customer Search & Display options.
  • Ticket Printing
  • Member Campaigns
  • Tiered Customer Loyalty
  • Live Redemptions

Customer Campaigns

  • 10th Coffee free over multiple stores.
  • Multiple offers on the same card. E.g. 10th Coffee + 6th Cake.
  • Print Voucher for free Coffee.
  • Create loyalty with your customers.
  • Track transaction history.
  • Market your best customers.
  • Stop fraud punching for mates.

Facebook Mobile Phone Marketing

  • Create Facebook campaigns for a free product for the first 50 customers
    for a selected time period. (limited to 1 per customer)
Facebook Marketing

Facebook Vouchers

Customer Display

  •  Display for Journal and Advertising
  • Several Advertising Layouts
  • Scalable fonts
Swiftpos Customer Display

Customer Display

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Kitchen Display

  • Interactive Touch screen or Bump box.
  • Fully customisable fonts, colours and columns show.
  • Timer functions
  • Recall and expedite order ability

Your Content Goes Here

  • Full parent child stock control
  • Directly link to HLW or ALM
  • Order Online
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Download Promotions
  • Download Price book
  • MYOB Interface
  • Multiple users, sites and locations
  • Remote bottle shop administration – modem / RF
  • Unlimited Mix’n’Match Promotions.
  • Buy one, get one free or discounted (cheaper of the two).
  • Designed to manage multiple venues connected via the internet or a Virtual Private Network.
  • Multiple price levels available over multiple venues with easy price management.
  • Real time updating of all sales reports for instant business analysis.
  • User names and passwords.
  • Change prices and update all POS Terminals automatically within a few seconds.
  • Menu Boards linked to Back Office Products.
  • Quality reference manual and on-line help.
  • Print all reports to disk in Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Happy Hour pricing options.
  • Price label designer and retail price management.
  • Phone Ordering.
  • Web Ordering -requires SwiftPOS add-on module.
  • Stock-Take variance reports – PDE or Manual
  • Hourly sales with average sale per customer and customer count report to assist with staffing levels in different locations.
  • Monitor inventory levels and reduce overstocking, shrinkage and theft.
  • Card Printing
  • Label Printing

There is a variety of reports that can be generated from the data stored in SwiftPOS. Including the option to produce a graphical representation of the data allow for an “at a glance” understanding of the data.

Some of the available reports include:

  • Web Reports

Sales reports by Department, Sub department, Department GP, Group, Movement or Financial summaries

  • Account invoice and receipt transaction reports
  • Cashier totals report
  • Hourly activity report
  • GST reports
  • Cash register activity reports
  • Items can have reports by Sales, Details, Statistics, Multi area sales or Theoretical sales.
  • Price book generation
  • Auto shelf labels generation
  • Stock reports by Variance, Wastage or Transfer Period.



Swiftpos Tablet

Tablet Devices

  • Windows, iPad and Android tablets may be used.
  • Excellent Queue Buster’s.
  • Smaller screen size equals more counter space.

 Kitchen Display

  • Interactive Touch screen or Bump box.
  • Fully customisable fonts, colours and columns show.
  • Timer functions
  • Recall and expedite order ability

Raffle Tickets

SwiftPOS vouchers

Swiftpos Vouchers


  • Automated and manual Voucher issuing
  •  Graphical Voucher layout including QR Code compatible
  • Complete Control- You set up all the variables
  • Great for Creative Marketing
  • Maximum Flexibility
  • Paper or Electronic Vouchers

Integrated Shopping Cart

  •  Webstore available
  • Kiosk self-serve configuration

Customer Display

  •  Display for Journal and Advertising
  • Several Advertising Layouts
  • Scalable fonts

Live Web Reporting