Uni-3 – Extraordinary power and exceptional value from $1455

The Ishida Uni-3 with premium-class presets , fast print speed and more labeling functions. You are getting more flexibility and more features – all for less cost than comparable priced computing scales with printers.

Uni-3 L2 Scale

Ishida UNI-3 Label Scale

The power of the UNI-3 is at your fingertips with flexible preset buttons to represent PLU’s, container tare values, Label formats, Images and Logos.

The UNI-3 L1 has a vibrant single line blue alphanumeric display with sharp white 16-segment characters momentarily showing the PLU name and then swapping to numeric data.

The UNI-3 L2 (pictured above) comes with a two-line green/orange backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), one line dot matrix alphanumeric and one line numeric only.

Both models NMI approved for trade in Australia and supplied with Verification Certificate included in the price.



Capacity: 6kg/15kg dual range

Platter:- 370mm x 266mm

Printer:- 56mm print width (64mm label) and up to 175mm long. 100mm/sec.

Ports:- 1 x Cash Drawer, 1 x USB, 1 x Ethernet.