Already as the warm weather approaches, we have seen a number of machines delivered to our service desk which have failed due to totally preventable causes. The most common cause has been internal dust build up blocking the flow of air through the fans and vents designed to keep the equipment cool.

Infested Computer

A very dirty POS terminal with corrosion.

Just as we feel the stress in extreme temperatures, pieces of electrical equipment feel stressed too…so to speak. When are they most stressed? When it’s working the hardest. This may be during the morning coffee rush, the lunchtime busy period or even when a computer is doing a full system backup (protecting your invaluable data) overnight and the air conditioning is turned off.

Don’t want to feel the heat from your colleagues when your the equipment fails? Give us a call on 5443 2744 to discuss a regular preventative maintenance plan for your business.

Think it might cost the earth? It might cost you the world if you don’t. The average repair cost per item for preventable failures this month has been over $700. This doesn’t include the lost revenue, lost customer loyalty and inconvenience of it to your business.

Scheduled maintenance is performed at a time that is most convenient for your business and can also be done outside normal trading hours. A full report on the current condition of your equipment and any possible warnings of future issues are provided. This is all designed to give you peace of mind that you are minimising interruptions to cash flow and maximising the equipment’s earning potential.


Dusty POS

12 Months Dust build up in a busy location